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Porcelain Ceramic Bowl

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This is for a single ceramic item.

To do:

  • Product Data – ALWAYS keep it as a ‘simple product’.
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      • ‘Available as:’ is for the prints on metal – large print/small print
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    • Product short description
      • This is the description that appears at the top of the product page
    • Options on the right
      • Make sure you select the category ‘ceramic’ and deselect ‘templates’
      • Add a product image (just make sure it’s not a massive file).  This the image that appears in the ceramics gallery
      • If you want you can add multiple images under gallery AS WELL AS the product image.
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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 250 x 250 mm

Porcelain with hand painted underglaze and overgraze.

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