Words by Rachael Crouch

GEORGINA HOOPER likes all things delicate, fragile and tender. As an Australian artist, she realised a long time ago that there is a unique and sublime delicacy to traditional Chinese and Japanese art. Her love of nature and the ocean feature heavily through her gorgeous ink and watercolour paintings, bolstered by a talent carefully developed through her travels abroad, where she learned intimate knowledge of these cultures. 

For over 15 years, Georgina’s passion for traditional Chinese art practices shine through in her pieces and will do so again for her latest exhibition at the Percolator Gallery on April 9, titled Microcosm.

The term “Microcosm” refers to “a community, place, or situation regarded as encapsulating in miniature the characteristics of something much larger” (thanks Google). Georgina’s latest exhibition is reflective of this idea; it serves as a reminder that we as humans hold a great responsibility to uphold the value of the natural world. Microcosm brings to our attention the significance of nurturing an organism as large as the Great Barrier Reef, and how we rely on it as much as it relies on us.

The Great Barrier Reef will feature heavily in Microcosm. Georgina will use a delicate blend of paint on rice paper, reflecting the development of her artistic skill from our Asian neighbours.

Our reef, and our love for it, speaks to the hearts of all Australians, and Georgina’s exhibition will no doubt instil great pride in our landscape and a love of nature. In addition, a percentage of the proceeds from Microcosm will go towards Fight for the Reef, a charity organised to protect the reef from rapid industrialisation and destruction.

Georgina’s collection of vibrant reef paintings serve as reminder of the importance and brilliance of communities. She quotes that “we are, in ourselves, a microcosm – not a species removed from the natural world but creatures that are part of it and dependent on it”.