Georgina Hooper invited to create work for Japanese Buddhist Temple

Georgina Hooper has just become part of a 1000 year of tradition in Japan. Every century the Buddhist temple in Nakaoyama, Nagasaki replenishes its temple ceiling with a collection of paintings that are pieced together to form a whole. Nakaoyama is a historical Japanese village of artists and ceramicists so it is has been only members from this close community that have been called to create work. For the first time in the history of the village however, a foreigner, Georgina Hooper has been invited to participate in this beautiful tradition. It was during Georgina’s artist residency in Nakaoyama that she found strong connections with this artistic community and her resonance with the local people was clearly returned. Two of Georgina’s paintings on wood now live as part of this unique 100 year ceiling installation, marking her place within this community where she plans to continue to return to work and visit throughout her career.