Drinks with the artist - starting at 6:00pm, Saturday 6th September.

Drinks with the artist – starting at 6:00pm, Saturday 6th September.


Taking time to enjoy magnificence of nature as a source for life helps us to remember that we must take care of it and how small we are in the scheme of things.


Featuring guest Japanese and international artists — Japanese master ceramicist Seigo Yoshimura, master painter Miwako Murakami, and Toubou Ao’s German ceramicist and designer Mirjam Rickert — emerging artist Georgina Hooper introduces Brisbane to an overwhelming sense of gratitude in ‘ITADAKIMASU’, her first major exhibition.

Comprising over 90 hand-painted porcelain ceramics and paintings created mostly during her extensive artist residencies in the historical ceramic villages of Nakaoyama, Japan and Jingdezhen, China, and incorporating a large-scale, interactive porcelain and bamboo installation which aims to compel sociological insight into the value we place on art and nature, the exhibition illustrates the thankfulness Hooper has for her journey, in particular her embracement by the people of Nakaoyama.

‘Itadakimasu’ – the Japanese blessing offered at the commencement of a meal – is a prophetic exhibition title for Hooper, who sees the concept mirrored in the works she’ll present. “Given that many of my artworks are plates and cups I felt this was an appropriate way to communicate my message. The painted images of nature and of spirit on the works are a daily reminder that we are blessed. In Australia we have so much, and consuming has become inculcated. I want my work to remind people of the vital importance of nature, of being grateful for everything we have, of taking the time to enjoy the simplicity of quiet, peaceful moments and to remember that we are part of something bigger, far more connected to others, than we are by our division of them by mere geography.”

The show will feature Georgina Hooper’s paintings and porcelain artworks but will also feature a small selection of pieces from Nakaoyama. Master ceramist Mr Seigo Yoshimura and master painter Mrs Murakami have created 6 exquisite ceramic plates especially for the show, which will also feature a collection of work by German potter, Mirjam Rickert, who has lived in Nakaoyama for 2 years and works alongside Seigo Yoshimura and Mrs Murakami. “I wanted to give the exhibition some context, and show how this special place is becoming something of a global artistic community underpinned by centuries of artistic expertise and tradition.” Each ceramic piece comes with its own custom wooden box, beautifully crafted by local artisans, a tradition which stretches back as long as Nakaoyama’s porcelain ceramics.

A large-scale bamboo and porcelain installation is the centerpiece of Hooper’s exhibition. 260 of her hand-cast porcelain fish dangle delicately on antique silk thread overhead from a suspended boat, created by Carleton Vaux. With this collaborative work the artist invites her audience to interact, encouraging them to cut away a fish to keep, in exchange for something of their own in its place. This transformative work is a sociological insight into the value we place on art and nature and it explores the idea that the ‘cost’ we place on things should not necessarily be monetary.