China – The Pottery Workshop, Jingdezhen

During Jingdezhen’s steamy Summer months of July and August, I was an artist in residence at the Pottery Workshop.  The PWS, as it is known in short, is set in heart of a bustling mecca of porcelain production.  For over 2000 years Jingdezhen has been a key place for the ceramic arts. The Pottery Workshop is situated in what is appropriately known as ‘The Sculpture Factory’, which is essentially an artisan village within the wider cityscape of Jingdezhen.

Here everything to do with porcelain production happens, from mold making, throwing, slip casting, pressure molds, firing, glazing and PVD, there is an endless multitude of processes that are part of the thriving art scene here and are available to artists in residence like myself.

During my artist residency, Jingdezhen gave me a taste of the potential for what is possible as an artist here– and those potentialities are exciting to say the least. I produced hundreds of small porcelain fish to be used in an installation and painted on an array of porcelain shapes and created a small line of porcelain brooches.

As part of a growing collection of international artists who have come to visit and work at this wonderful place, the cultural exchange extended from not only China but to artists from Europe, the UK, NZ and America as well as Japan and India!


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