China – Sanbao, Jingdezhen

The cultural and artistic exchange of artist residencies has enabled Georgina to grow her technical skill and expertise from not only the local artists but from the international artists that share in the experience.  Georgina feels that the privilege of being involved in artist residencies makes the creative journey more rewarding and plentiful. The Sanbao Ceramics Art Institute, Georgina’s current art residency, provides a space of peace and tranquility, nestled near the historical town of Jingdezhen. With a tradition of porcelain ceramics that is centuries old, Jingdezhen offers a wealth of artistic knowledge and as one of the 4 artists in residence at Sanbao Ceramic Art Institute, Georgina understands what a privilege it is to have been invited to live and learn in such a place of peace, artistry and beauty.

“With ample space to live and work, I begin my day with yoga and meditation, then after breakfast, head to my private studio, a spacious wooden retreat that over looks the surrounding mountains that cradle this magnificent location” –Georgina

As a high school art teacher of  over 7 years Georgina wanted to be able to offer this experience to her students, so has created her own business to facilitate artist residencies for exceptional high school and tertiary art students.

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The studio, a private space for artists in residence, is a wooden retreat for the creative mind.

The breeze here is heavenly, with the sound of the swishing bamboo the perfect music to meditate to.

A smile from one of the locals here at Sanbao

Beautiful ceramics, both old and new, are found in every corner or every room. It is a gallery of inspiration here.

The ceramics are fired on site, with three different kilns to choose from.

The beauty of Sanbao makes for a photographer’s paradise.