As a professional artist and teacher Georgina is passionate about fostering the artistic growth of young people. She occasionally offers extra-curricular art programs to extend and facilitate students who want to develop a creative practice outside of school.

Georgina Hooper is an exhibiting artist with over 9 years teaching experience and Bachelor degrees in both Fine Art and Secondary Education. She lectures at University and makes written contributions about art and global artistic culture to academic publications such as The Asian Art Society of Australia. She draws from a wealth of knowledge and experience when developing art experiences for her students.

As these programs are designed to foster significant and ongoing artistic extension, students who enroll the Term 1 ‘Creative Minds’ or ‘Art For Arts Sake’ will be given preference for placements in subsequent courses in Terms 2, 3 and 4.

To express an interested or find out more about mentorship with Georgina Hooper, email

Events and places are limited to ensure optimum student-teacher contact time.