About the Artist

Australian artist Georgina Hooper is primarily a painter working with ink and watercolour on rice paper and oils on linen. She majored in painting in her Bachelor of Fine Art from the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University in 1999 and her Bachelor of Secondary Education in Visual Art conferred by the same institution in 2003. Through subsequent practice-led research with the University of Canberra Hooper further defined her visual arts practice on the sublime.

quotesIn 2005, while studying Art History at the University of Queensland, I was honoured with a scholarship to Tianjin University, China where I deepened my knowledge of traditional Chinese landscape painting under the teaching of artist and Professor Dong Ya. It was here that my personal aesthetic was fundamentally shaped.

Hooper - 2015

Cross cultural fertilization is at the heart of the Georgina Hooper’s practice. Her work is informed by a deep engagement with Eastern artistic traditions and visual language and the philosophies that underpin them. Georgina was trained in Chinese painting at Tianjin University, China as a research scholar for the University of Queensland. Her continued academic study and application of practice-led research on visual art and the intercultural has established Georgina as a significant contemporary artist and visual arts lecturer for the University of Canberra.

Hooper’s practice further diversified into large scale porcelain installation after being invited to China and Japan for 6 months of artist residencies in 2010. Throughout this period, she explored the potential of porcelain as painterly surface and as medium for casting in multiples.

Hooper applied her technique and theoretical underpinning of traditional Chinese landscape painting to the subject matter of Australia’s unique flora and fauna. She seeks ways to express the sublime. While the sublime is an aesthetic commonly associated with European Romantic art Hooper operates under the premise that the sublime is in fact a pan-aesthetic that relates to the spiritual sense of awe conjured by our human experience of nature. Her works explore our relationship with the natural world.



Through explorations of vastness (often in nature) and the expansive through painting I am moved to connect with something higher in my work. Paintings are developed through a daily meditative practice on both traditional Chinese rice papers and resolved as large scale oil on linen paintings. Inspired by monumentality of nature and associated feelings of awe, my work evolves as immersive spaces for audiences to visually escape into.Hooper - 2014

Georgina’s work is in private collections in Australia, UK, Denmark, Hong Kong, Japan, China, Canada and USA. Her work also featured in a 100 year-long Buddhist ceiling installation in Hasami, Japan.

When Hooper is not in Hong Kong, China or Japan she lives in Brisbane with her family and works out of her West End Art Studio. If you wish to arrange a visit to her studio contact her on georginahooper.art@gmail.com